Health for the EU in 33 success stories. A selection of successful projects funded by the EU Health Programmes – September 2012

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Health for the EU in 33 success stories. A selection of successful projects funded by the EU Health Programmes – September 2012


1. Health threats
– ASHT II – An effective cross-border system for chemical and poison alerts
– CIE Toolkit – Preparing health professionals to deal with chemical incidents
– PHBLM – Increasing public health safety along the EU borders
– SHIPSAN TRAINET – Healthier cruising in Europe
– EQADeBa – Testing the limits of specialised laboratories
– ORCHIDS – Quick and effective mass decontamination

2. Blood and organs
– SOHO V&S – Vigilance and surveillance of substances of human origin
– EFRETOS – Pan-European registry of the evaluation of organ transplants

3. HIV/AIDS and STDs
– SIALON – Quick and easy HIV test for MSMs
– Correlation II – Spreading information, not infection
– BORDERNETwork – Protecting vulnerable groups against sexually transmitted diseases

4. Chronic diseases
– EUBIROD – Sharing knowledge on diabetes
– EuroHeart – An active and healthy heart for life

5. Cancer
– AURORA – Cervical cancer screening for all women
– EuroSun – Mapping UV exposure in Europe
– WELAS – Understanding the causes and effects of smoking in women
– CRC Screening – Better quality screening for colorectal cancer
– EPAAC – Taking care of cancer right across Europe

6. Rare diseases
– Orphanet Europe – Online knowledge on rare diseases

7. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle
– EPODE European Network – Preventing childhood obesity
– FOOD – Promoting a healthy diet at work
– Healthy Stadia – Sport and community health

8. Health inequalities
– DETERMINE – Reducing health inqualities across Europe
– EUREGIO III – Helping EU regions to use Structural Funds for health effectively
– AVERROES – Equal access to healthcare

9. Youth
– Smoking in Movies – Protecting young people from addiction

10. Health information
– Aphekom – Air pollution continues to kill thousands, costing billions
– EHR-IMPLEMENT – A potential new innovation in eHealth across Europe
– EHLEIS – Adding a dimension of quality to the quantity of life lived
– EUGLOREH – The report on the status of health in the European Union
– PHGEN II – Preparing the way for personalised medicine
– EURO-PERISTAT Action – Learning more about the health of mothers and babies
– EuroNeoStat II – Better care for premature babies

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A Digital Agenda for Europe – European Commission – 19 May 2010

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A Digital Agenda for Europe – European Commission – 19 May 2010

Brussels, 19.05.2010    COM(2010) 245

“The overall aim of the Digital Agenda is to deliver sustainable economic and social benefits from a digital single market based on fast and ultra fast internet and interoperable applications.

… the Digital Agenda makes proposals for actions that need to be taken urgently to get Europe on track for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Its proposals will set the scene for the longer-term transformations that the increasingly digital economy and society will bring about.

The European Commission launched in March 2010 the Europe 2020 Strategy to exit the crisis and prepare the EU economy for the challenges of the next decade. Europe 2020 sets out a vision to achieve high levels of employment, a low carbon
economy, productivity and social cohesion, to be implemented through concrete actions at EU and national levels. This battle for growth and jobs requires ownership at top political level and mobilisation from all actors across Europe.

The Digital Agenda for Europe is one of the seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, set out to define the key enabling role that the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will have to play if Europe wants to succeed in its ambitions for 2020.”

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CoCanCPG Database of Cancer Uncertainties (DoCU)

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CoCanCPG Database of Cancer Uncertainties (DoCU)  –  About this new database – from NICE

The database

“Project background
CoCanCPG (Coordination of Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines in Europe) is a European Commission funded consortium of 16 institutional partners from 11 countries. The UK’s National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), working with the consortium, has developed this database of cancer uncertainties (DoCU) in the management of cancer that have been identified during guideline development.

Development of the database
The overall objective of the project is to set up, within CoCanCPG, a framework and database for systematically identifying evidence gaps and formulating and prioritising recommendations for future research in cancer. These evidence gaps or ‘uncertainties’ can be highlighted during guideline development (including systematic reviews and economic modelling) or post-production (exploring the research recommendations and other standalone uncertainties in cancer management in the guidance). Further details about identifying uncertainties and processing them can be found in the ‘Collecting Uncertainties’ page.

The database is a developmental project, which is being tested in this pilot phase. The pilot period ends at the end of January 2010.

The database is funded by the EU and hosted and administered by NICE.”

View the list of uncertainties flagged as a priority

Search the database

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Financing health care in the European Union Challenges and policy responses – 2009

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Financing health care in the European Union Challenges and policy responses (pdf 4 MB)

World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe

By Sarah Thomson, Thomas Foubister and Elias Mossialos
2009, xxiii + 200 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 4165 2

“Health care systems across the European Union face a common challenge: the high cost of health care. Governments strive to ensure that cost pressures do not undermine values such as universal coverage and equitable financing and access.

Focusing on the three health care financing functions – collection, pooling and purchasing – as well as on coverage, this book analyses the organization of health care financing in the Member States of the European Union, discusses the principal financing reform trends of recent years, and assesses their capacity to help ensure fiscal sustainability.

The book includes a useful annex detailing the health care financing systems of each of the 27 Member States of the European Union. It will inform the deliberations of policy- and decision-makers, both within and beyond the European Union, faced with reconciling rising costs with equitable and sustainable health care.”

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