The Business Case for People Powered Health – Nesta – April 2013

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The Business Case for People Powered Health – Nesta – April 2013

“The Business Case for People Powered Health describes the specific investments required to create services with a People Powered Health approach, and the practical benefits that can be achieved as a result.

The NHS in England could realise savings of at least £4.4bn a year if it adopted People Powered Health innovations that involve patients, their families and communities more directly in the management of long term health conditions. These savings are based on the most reliable evidence and represent a 7% reduction in terms of reduced A&E attendance, planned and unplanned admissions, and outpatient admissions..

There is therefore both a social and financial imperative to scale the People Powered Health approach.

The People Powered Health approach involves five areas of practice: More than medicine (new services), People helping people (peer support), Redefining consultations, networks and partnerships, and user co-design and co-delivery. The most robust research literature focuses on two of these – redefining consultations and peer support – and suggests these types of interventions can improve health outcomes in all the most common long-term conditions, with patients more stable, less prone to exacerbation and demonstrating improvements in their core clinical indicators. As a result, there is a reduction in the cost of delivering healthcare of approximately 7 per cent of the commissioning budget – through decreasing A&E attendances, reducing hospital admissions, reduced length of stay and decreased patient attendances. Putting this into practice would save the NHS £4.4 billion across England.

However, we think that the People Powered Health approach could achieve even higher savings. This is both because the median of all available evidence, including less robust studies, suggests the cost of managing patients with long-term conditions could be reduced by up to 20 per cent, and the experience of the six sites suggests People Powered Health interventions are enablers of each other at scale.”

Working with patients to manage long-term conditions could save the NHS £4.4bn a year – Guardian – 11 April 2013

“People Powered Health is an approach that can improve quality of life and save the NHS money

The health system is going through significant upheaval and crisis provoked by the combined impact of the NHS reforms and the Francis Inquiry. The result is a sense of unease and uncertainty despite the NHS ranking excellently in international terms. At a recent Lord Darzi discussion on primary care, the mood was summed up as: ‘Why does it feel so bad, if we’re actually doing so well?’

Part of the answer is that the NHS is good at dealing with acute and infectious disease, but is still finding its way towards a model that effectively manages long-term conditions. Another element is the challenge of nurturing compassion in large, formal institutions, where staff are under considerable financial pressure.

People Powered Health is an approach to health and care that addresses both issues.”

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