Health for the EU in 33 success stories. A selection of successful projects funded by the EU Health Programmes – September 2012

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Health for the EU in 33 success stories. A selection of successful projects funded by the EU Health Programmes – September 2012


1. Health threats
– ASHT II – An effective cross-border system for chemical and poison alerts
– CIE Toolkit – Preparing health professionals to deal with chemical incidents
– PHBLM – Increasing public health safety along the EU borders
– SHIPSAN TRAINET – Healthier cruising in Europe
– EQADeBa – Testing the limits of specialised laboratories
– ORCHIDS – Quick and effective mass decontamination

2. Blood and organs
– SOHO V&S – Vigilance and surveillance of substances of human origin
– EFRETOS – Pan-European registry of the evaluation of organ transplants

3. HIV/AIDS and STDs
– SIALON – Quick and easy HIV test for MSMs
– Correlation II – Spreading information, not infection
– BORDERNETwork – Protecting vulnerable groups against sexually transmitted diseases

4. Chronic diseases
– EUBIROD – Sharing knowledge on diabetes
– EuroHeart – An active and healthy heart for life

5. Cancer
– AURORA – Cervical cancer screening for all women
– EuroSun – Mapping UV exposure in Europe
– WELAS – Understanding the causes and effects of smoking in women
– CRC Screening – Better quality screening for colorectal cancer
– EPAAC – Taking care of cancer right across Europe

6. Rare diseases
– Orphanet Europe – Online knowledge on rare diseases

7. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle
– EPODE European Network – Preventing childhood obesity
– FOOD – Promoting a healthy diet at work
– Healthy Stadia – Sport and community health

8. Health inequalities
– DETERMINE – Reducing health inqualities across Europe
– EUREGIO III – Helping EU regions to use Structural Funds for health effectively
– AVERROES – Equal access to healthcare

9. Youth
– Smoking in Movies – Protecting young people from addiction

10. Health information
– Aphekom – Air pollution continues to kill thousands, costing billions
– EHR-IMPLEMENT – A potential new innovation in eHealth across Europe
– EHLEIS – Adding a dimension of quality to the quantity of life lived
– EUGLOREH – The report on the status of health in the European Union
– PHGEN II – Preparing the way for personalised medicine
– EURO-PERISTAT Action – Learning more about the health of mothers and babies
– EuroNeoStat II – Better care for premature babies


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