Influenza A(H1N1) / Swine Flu in Australia and WA – Information Sources

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The post links health professionals to information from:
WA, Australia, CDC, NLM, the World Health Organization, other international health agencies, and publishers who’re proving free access to quality information. It also links to information intended for the public.

Western Australian Health information

Swine flu – what Western Australians need to know

From WA Public Health (for Health Providers)

Australian Information Sources

Information from the Australian Department of Health and Ageing’s Health Emergency website on the Swine Influenza Outbreaks

ASID/TSANZ guidelines: treatment and prevention of H1N1 influenza 09 (human swine influenza) with antiviral agents Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID)   /   Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ)   Cheng A.C. et al    Medical Journal of Australia  18 June 2009

17 June 2009, Pandemic Phase Protect declared in Australia

The Australian Government has declared swine influenza to be a quarantinable disease in humans under the Quarantine Act 1908 – Amendment Proclamation 2009 (no.1).   28 April 2009   This means the federal government has the power under the  Act to take appropriate actions in an emergency to prevent or control the spread of a disease.  Explanatory statement.

Australian Department of Health and Ageing

Australian Department of Health and Ageing Pandemic Influenza website

Updated antiviral guidelines and rapid tests for diagnosing influenza – National Prescribing Service – June 2009  – swine influenza information

ABC Health Report on flu research 27 April 2009

International Information Agencies

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Swine Influenza (Flu) site

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Emergency Twitter site – for breaking news

CDC Interim Guidance for Infection Control for Care of Patients with Confirmed or Suspected Swine Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Infection in a Healthcare Setting 28 April 2009

US National Library of Medicine Information – includes US Federal Response, International Resources, Genetic Sequence Information, Maps, Pre-set Searches from the National Library of Medicine, Veterinary Resources, Información en Español

US Pandemic Flu website

World Health Organization Swine Influenza website

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Institute of Medicine (IOM) Releases Guide to Recent Studies and Workshops on Pandemic Flu 5 May 2009
This guide highlights action and information that could be useful for near-term implementation of pandemic planning and response in the following areas:
* Communicating with and engaging the public
* Use of masks and personal protective equipment
* Use of antiviral drugs and vaccines
* Outbreak mitigation (e.g., social distancing, school closures)
* Surveillance, research, and evaluation during a pandemic
The guide is available online or for download as a PDF.”

Swine flu clinical package – UK Department of Health – 16 June 2009
“The swine flu clinical package is a set of tools for use in a pandemic situation by frontline healthcare professionals.”

UK Health Protection Agency Swine Influenza website     Flu Survey (part of the Epiwork Project)

Other entries from this blog

Flu Wiki


New England Journal of Medicine

The Lancet

BMJ Group Swine Flu articles BMJ Pandemic Flu site

NHS Evidence Hot Topic – Preparation for potential pandemic influenza

DynaMed Swine Flu summary

UpToDate topics – Epidemiology, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of swine H1N1 influenza A,    Treatment and prevention of swine H1N1 influenza A

Global Health Database from CABI –  a not-for-profit science-based development and information organization &
CABI’s Swine Flu Dashboard


MacIntyre CR, Epid MA, Cauchemez S, Dwyer DE, Seale H, Cheung P, et al. Face mask use and control of respiratory virus transmission in households. Emerg Infect Dis [serial on the Internet]. 2009 Feb [date cited].   Abstract:  Many countries are stockpiling face masks for use as nonpharmaceutical interventions to reduce viral transmission during an influenza pandemic. We conducted a prospective cluster-randomized trial comparing surgical masks, non–fit-tested P2 masks, and no masks in prevention of influenza-like illness (ILI) in households. … We concluded that household use of masks is associated with low adherence and is ineffective in controlling seasonal ILI. If adherence were greater, mask use might reduce transmission during a severe influenza pandemic. Special report: swine flu update

Information for the Public

Information from WA Health

How does an animal flu become a human flu? ABC Science Ask an Expert topic – Expert is Dr David Smith from PathWest

NLM MedlinePlus on Swine Flu

UpToDate Patient Update Topic

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